Stretch 1:
Interlace fingers at the back of the head and pull chin towards chest.
Ensure a curved spine to achieve maximal stretch.
Muscles stretched: Trapezius, Suboccipitals, Posterior neck muscles and structures.


Stretch 2:

Look up to the ceiling and keep jaw closed.
Muscles stretched: Anterior neck muscles.



lat flex

Stretch 3:

Place hand on opposite ear over head and pull ear to shoulder.
Ensure to start with head in neutral position.
Muscles stretched: Trapezius, Middle scalene.


lev scap

Stretch 4:
Similar as stretch 3 but head is rotated and flexed towards the armpit (smell armpit). Gently pull down with hand.
Muscles stretched: Levator Scapulae, Middle scalene and Splenius capitus.



Stretch 5:

Pull ear towards shoulder while looking up towards the ceiling.
Muscles stretched: Anterior scalenes.



Stretch 6:

Look up to the sky, bring ear towards shoulder, and rotate neck towards same side.
Protrude jaw to increase stretch (howling at the moon).
Muscles stretched: SCM

Mid-back and upper extremities

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Stretch 1:

(Doorway stretch) – place palm and forearm on doorway. push arm backwards against the doorway while rotating body away from arm.
Start with elbow at 45 degrees, 90 degrees and 135 degrees. 
Muscles stretched: Pectoralis Major, Pectoralis minor and Anterior deltoid fibres.


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Stretch 2:

In a seated position, cross your arms over your legs and hold on to the outer aspects of your thighs.
Open legs as far as possible to achieve stretch.
Muscles stretched: Rhomboid minor and major.


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Stretch 3:

(Cat stretch) – On all fours, extend spine by protruding abdomen while taking a deep breath in. 
Flex spine by forcing breath out and pushing navel to spine.